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"Put on Your Bigboy Pants" Sack Mead

This is one of the best meads in my lineup. It has a huge aroma and unique flavor like no other mead I've ever tasted.  

Be warned! This is a uber gravity sack mead that require a lot of fermentation management. 
Not recommended for beginners!

Bigboy Pants Sack Mead - 2.5 gallons
1. Add 10 lbs of Ames Farm honey (Northern Brewer) plus 0.5 lbs OB honey to a 3-5 gallon carboy. 
2. Add 1.5 tsp of 1:2 DAP:Fermaid K.  
-Add again at 1.120 & 1.080.
3. Add 1/4 tsp potassium carbonate.
4. Mix thoroughly with a drill powered stirrer to areate. 
5. Pitch 20 grams of DV10 rehydrated in an equal weight of GoFerm. (SG ~1.160!) 

Fermentation Management
-Degas everyday with a drill powered stirrer until the gravity hits 1.04! Usually about 2 weeks. 
-Don't forget to add the remaining nutrients!

Post Fermentation
-Once your gravity hits 1.030, brew 2 cups of Assam tea according to directions. Leave the tea bags in until completely cool, then add to the mead. You are trying to extract the tea tannins to add body to the mead. 
-After your gravity is stable, you may add SuperKleer (optional).
-Once clear, bottle with 8 ml of peach extract per liter. 

1 year
Extremely good at this point, but the peach needs a bit more time to integrate. 

1.5 years
Perfection. Enjoy!

by denardb on March 10, 2015, 10:03 p.m.