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Black Flag Tropical Ale

This beer is extremely difficult to categorize. It's black, but not a stout or a porter. It's hoppy but not bitter like an IPA. It's has extremely Tropical notes. It rebels against convention just like those who fly the Black Flag. I've decided it is a new category of beer. It's a Tropical Ale. 

This Tropical Ale has hints of coconut, lime, and passion fruit. It's really great for warm weather and ocean imbibing. 

Black Flag Tropical Ale - 5 gallons
1. Bring 7 gallons of water to 160 F with your BIAB bag in the pot. 
2. Add the following grain bill:
-11 lbs Marris Otter
-1 lb Nocternal Blend (Northern Brewer)
3. Mash at 151 F until starch conversion test shows complete conversion. 
4. Hoist grain bag out and allow to drip while starting the boil. Light squeezing of the grains is fine. 
5. Once the wort starts to boil, add the following hop schedule:
-1 oz Magnum for 1 hour 
-2 oz Brewer's Gold for 15 minutes
-1 oz Brewer's Gold and 1 oz Cascade for 5 minutes
-Flameout: Add 1 lb Orange Blossom Honey and 1 lb Palm Sugar. 
6. Cool wort to 85 F with a wort chiller routed through ice water.
7. Transfer to fermenter through a mesh filter to remove large hop pieces. 
8. Add 2 packs of Omega Tropical IPA yeast. 
9. Allow to ferment for 2-3 weeks. 
10. Cold crash 2 weeks.
11. Bottle or keg as desired!

7.3% ABV
SG - 1.070
FG - 1.014
IBU - 51
25 Lovibond

by denardb on Oct. 13, 2017, 3:11 p.m.