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Ginger Genius 3 Day Mead

The aroma on this mead is crazy. Not to mention a wonderful flavor. Don’t make this mead. Once you do, it creates dependency issues. 

1. Brew tea by adding the following to a French press with 1 liters of off boil water:

-2 TBSP dried Ginger 

-2 TBSP dried Galangal

-1/2 TBSP dried Ginseng 

-1 TBSP dried Meadowsweet Flowers

-1 TBSP dried Marshmallow Root

*I get my herbs from

2. Allow to brew until cool. 

3. Add 1.5 lbs Orange blossom honey, 1 tsp Wyeast Beer Nutrient and strained tea to a carboy. 

4. Add water just shy of 1 gallon and mix. 

5. Add 1 activated smack pack of Wyeast 1388 and ferment at 75 F. 

6. Once the gravity hits 1.010, put it in the fridge to cold crash and stop with residual sweetness. For me, this was Day 2. 

7. Drink straight out of the carboy. Might be a bit cloudy, but that helps with the body. Think wheat beer, shut up and drink it. 

8. I also keg and maintain it at cold temperatures for larger batches. If you decide to bottle this, you will need to stabilize after cold crashing to avoid bottle bombs!



SG 1.060

FG ~1.005

7.2% ABV

by denardb on Nov. 28, 2018, 1:37 p.m.