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This is a ginger mead dialed to 11.  It uses multiple species and forms of ginger to create the maximum effect. I’ve also included other herbs to round the flavor out and Golden DME to improve the body. It’s dark and potent, but extremely easy to drink!

OmniGinger: 6 gallons

1. Add the following to 1.5 gallons of water:

-6 lbs Golden Light DME

-1 lb Dark Brown sugar

-0.5 lb Light Brown Sugar

-10 oz fresh ginger

-5 oz fresh turmeric 

-12 TBSP (72 grams) Dried Ginger 

-12 TBSP (72 grams) Dried Galangal

-6 TBSP (15 grams) Dried Meadowsweet 

-12 TBSP (36 grams) Dried Marshmallow Root

*I get my herbs from

2. Added spices while heating the pot. Added DME after hot and brought to a boil. Turned off heat. Allowed to cool for an hour to 140 F.

3. Add to carboy 10 lbs Galberry honey, 1 tsp Potassium Carbonate, 2.4 tsp Fermaid K, and 4.8 tsp Fermaid O. Add Fermaid O again at Day 2. 

4. Pour DME/spice mix through a strainer into the carboy. 

5. Add refrigerated water up to 6 gallons

6. Mix thoroughly with a drill powered stirrer. 

7. Once <80 F is reached, add a starter of Wyeast 1388 and ferment at 70 F. 

8. Keg and force carbonate at 3 ATMs. 



SG 1.130

FG 1.010

15.7% ABV

15 Lovibond

by denardb on May 18, 2020, 1 a.m.