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Thieves Mead

This mead is based on a oil called Thieves Oil. Apparently, this oil could prevent the Black Plague from infecting thieves stealing items from the infected dead. I cannot vouch for that, but I can say the combo of mint, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, lemon and eucalyptus is quite tasty!

Downside? Eucalyptus is toxic so I needed the bees to detoxify it. Guess where you get Eucalyptus honey? Australia. Not cheap (for me), but tasty!

I stole this idea from someone. Don’t tell them. 

Thieves Mead: 1 gallon

1. Make 1 quart of tea with the following:

-4 sprigs Mint

-2 Sprigs Rosemary

-2 Cloves

-1/2 stick Cinnamon 

-Lemon zest from 1 lemon

2. Allow to cool, then add to carboy with 3.5 lbs of eucalyptus honey, 1 clove and a sliver of cinnamon. 

3. Add 1/4 tsp Potassium Carbonate. 

4. Add 0.4 tsp Fermaid K. 

5. Add 0.8 tsp Fermaid O. Add this again at day 2 and 4. 

6. Allow to ferment to ~1.020, then add any off the original tea spices you think it needs. (I didn’t, but it’s an option). 

7. Cold crash until clear and bottle. Enjoy in secret. 



SG 1.140

FG 1.020

15.7% ABV

by denardb on March 5, 2020, 1:14 a.m.