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Triple Black Hole Stout

The world ender of stouts. This brew is complicated to make and an extremely complex mixture of chocolate, coffee, malt, and meadowfoam honey.  

Triple Black Hole Stout - 6 gallons

Day Before Brewday
-Steep 7 oz of Black Malt in 7 gallons of room temperature water overnight. This cold steeping avoids excessive bitter, burnt flavors while still maintaining the black color. 

1. Remove Black Malt grains. Bring 7 gallons of water to 160 F with your BIAB bag in the pot. 
2. Add the following grain bill:
-15 lbs Pale Malt
-1 oz Black Malt (8 oz if skipping grain cold brew; Adds more bitterness)
-8 oz Barley
-8 oz Crystal 60
-8 oz Chocolate 
3. Mash at 151 F until starch conversion test shows complete conversion. 
4. Hoist grain bag out and allow to drip while starting the boil. Light squeezing of the grains is fine. 
5. Once the wort starts to boil, add the following hop schedule:
-3 oz Pacific Gem for 1 hour 
-2 oz Hallertauer for 10 minutes
-3 oz Cacao Paste Extract for 10 minutes
-Flameout: Add 4 lbs Meadowfoam Honey
6. Cool wort to 85 F with a wort chiller routed through ice water, then add 0.5 gallons of ice brewed Viennese Blend coffee from Royale Blend (Metairie, LA). 
7. Transfer wort to carboy through fine mesh strainer. This aerates the wort and removes large hop pieces that clog keg tubes. 
8. Add 2 packs of Omega Scottish Ale. 
9. Allow to ferment to stable gravity (~1.025), and add 4 whole vanilla beans for one week. 
10. Cold crash 2 weeks.
11. Bottle or keg as desired!

Cacao Paste Extract
-Add 6 oz Paste to 12 oz 50% ethanol. 
-Mix and allow to stand 1 week. Shake daily.
-Freeze overnight in freezer. 
--Cacao butter floats and solidifies. 
-Pour liquid (without butter) into a new container. This is the Cacao Paste Extract. 

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
-Add 1 lb of coarse ground Viennese Blend coffee from Royale Blend in Metairie, LA to a toddy. YES, IT HAS TO BE THIS SPECIFIC COFFEE!!!!!
-Allow to stand 24 hours. 
-Drain through filter and refrigerate. 

SG - 1.115
FG - 1.024
IBU - 51
41 Lovibond

by denardb on Oct. 13, 2017, 2:07 p.m.