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Resurrection – An Avery Salvation Clone

My favorite commercial beer, Avery Salvation Golden Strong Ale, is discontinued; however, a good beer can’t stay dead when it’s your favorite. Here, I have replicated Avery’s Salvation Golden Strong ale as faithfully as possible with one improvement: I added a multi-step mash to improve the horrible head retention of the original. 

The recipe is detailed and complicated. I gleaned every source I could to squeeze out every detail of its making. Sources include “How to Brew like a Belgian”, Avery’s website, interviews with the head brewer, and my own tasting/brewing experience. Enjoy!

Resurrection – All Grain BIAB - 6 gallons 

Grain Bill:
16.8 lbs Belgian Pale 2 row 
12 oz Cara 8
12 oz Cara 20
1 lb Golden Belgian Candi Sugar (Liquid)

1. Add 6.86 gallons of spring water to a 15 gallon brew pot.
2. Subject your grain bill to the following mash schedule:
    -127°F for 20 minutes
    -145°F for 20 minutes
    -154°F for 20 minutes
    -176°F for sparge, if applicable. Since I use BIAB, I raise to temperature a few minutes.
3. Drain/sparge the grains and discard. Bring wort to a boil.
4. Once the wort is boiling, follow the following hop schedule:
    -60 minutes add 0.5 oz Sterling hops and 1 lb of Golden Candi Sugar (5L)
    -30 minutes add 0.5 oz Sterling hops 
    -Flameout add 2.5 oz Styrian Goldings and 1 oz Sterling
5. Chill the wort with a coil or plate chiller. 
6. Transfer to a carboy and add water to 6 gallons.
7. Place fermenters into a temperature controlled chamber set to 68°F.
8. Pitch a starter of  Wyeast 3787 and setup a blow off tube. You will need it.
9. Start the ferment at 68°F and allow to ramp up to 80°F over the course of the ferment. I put the fermenter in a garbage bag to trap the heat from fermentation. I use my temperature controller to ramp as follows:
    -Day 0 - 68°F
    -Day 1 - 74°F
    -Day 2 - 78°F
    -Day 3 - 80°F
    -Day the gravity is stable, cold crash at 34°F for 2-4 weeks
10. After cold crashing, keg and force carbonate at 4.0 volumes of CO2.
11. Drink with care. It’s easy to drink too much of this beer.

OG - 1.082
FG - 1.013
9% ABV
15 IBU
7.8 L

Know Thy Ingredients:
Ingredients and descriptions (with some addition information) are from Northern Brewers website except for the candi sugar. I buy the candi sugar on Amazon. In order to execute faithful recreation, these are the exact ingredients I use:

Dingemans Pale Ale Malt - 3.2° L
Fully modified pale ale malt from Belgian two-row barley, easily converted by a single temperature mash. It is a good all-purpose pale malt, and great in Belgian ales.

Dingemans Cara 8 Malt - 8° L
A very pale caramel malt. Contributes a subtle caramel flavor. The malting process creates a 'floury' endosperm that will yield fermentable sugars when mashed with base malts. Steep Caramel Pils in quantities under a pound to add a light caramel flavor, but mash it with other grains for the full effect.

Dingemans Cara 20 Malt - 21° L
Excellent all-purpose caramel malt, especially for Belgian styles.

Premium Golden Belgian Candi Sugar – 5L 
Contributes rich caramel flavors followed by subtle back-palate of fresh plums. THIS EXPENSIVE LIQUID BEET SUGAR IS CRITICAL! DO NOT CHEAP OUT!

Styrian Goldings Hop Pellets 
Typical alpha: 4.5-6.0%. Spicy aroma with sweet/earthy edge. Kettle and dry hop additions for UK and Belgian ales.

Sterling Hop Pellets 
Typical alpha of 6.0-9.0%. Sterling hops are a Saaz descendent with a wonderful spicy, herbal, citric aroma. Sterling pellet hops are the perfect choice for your home brewed lagers and Belgian ales.

Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity (Westmalle Yeast)
Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity strain is a robust top cropping beer yeast with phenolic character. Wyeast 3787 has an alcohol tolerance to 12%. It's ideal for Bière de Garde, as it ferments dry with rich ester profile and a malty palate. Leave extra head space or use a blow off tube. This yeast will blow the top off the fermenter!


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