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Sorglyn BOMM (Sorghum Syrup Mead)

Sorghum syrup is very complex and powerful much like buckwheat honey. As a result, I've decided to treat it like buckwheat honey and use 20% Sorghum syrup and 80% orange blossom honey. The resulting mead has a thick mouthfeel with a very complex flavor profile. What is interesting is that the sorghum enhances the orange blossom character. It is a perfect pairing. 

1. Add the following to a 1 gallon carboy:
-10 ounces Sorghum syrup
-2.5 lbs OB honey
2. Add water to halfway. 
3. Add 0.25 tsp KHCO3 and 0.4 tsp Fermaid K. 
4. Add 0.7 tsp Fermaid O. (Add again at 1.090 & 1.050.)
5. Mix thoroughly. 
6. Add water 1/2 cup shy of a gallon. 
7. Mix again. 
8. Pitch a starter of Wyeast 1388. 
9. Once the gravity is below 1.005, add 5.2 ounces of honey. 
10. When the gravity stabilizes, cold crash until clear. 

Additional Information
SG - ~1.120 before step feed; ~1.140 points total with step feed. 
FG - ~1.015. 
Fermentation Temperature - 70 F

I use true sorghum syrup. NOT the sorghum mash you buy from brew shops. 


by denardb on Dec. 17, 2015, 4:23 p.m.