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Hot Mama Cypsicumel BOMM

This mead is a cyser meets capsicumel mead. It took a lot of effort to balance this particular mead. I've found a mixture of peppers gives a more rounded heat. You don't want to leave the peppers in too long or you start to get vegetable flavors. Be ready to pull them once the heat is where you like it! I found a bit of oak was needed to fill a hole in the center of your palate. Drinking this mead gives you sweet upfront, oak and spice in the middle, and heat at the end. A very cool/hot sensory experience!

Cypsicumel BOMM - 1 gallon

1. Add 2.2 lbs of Orange Blossom Honey to carboy. 
2. Fill to 1/2 a cup shy of 1 gallon with apple cider.
3. Add 0.4 tsp Fermaid K and 0.69 tsp Fermaid O.
-Add 0.69 tsp Fermaid O at 1.098 & 1.058. 
4. Add 1/4 tsp KHCO3. One time addition. 
5. Add 1 activated smack pack of Wyeast 1388.
7. Once 1.020 is reached, add 6 cubes medium toast American oak, 1/4 habenero pepper, 1/4 poblano pepper, and 1 Serrano pepper. All de-seeded, but not de-veined. 
8. Taste frequently until the spice is to your liking; Maximum of one month.
9. Cold crash until clear and bottle. 

SG 1.140
FG 1.020
ABV 15.7% 

by denardb on March 9, 2015, 10:38 p.m.