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Where to Purchase Mead Making Supplies

Where to Purchase Mead Making Supplies

It is amazing how often I am asked “Hey, where do you find xyz?” I decided to put together a bit of a guide to help people find things. This is especially useful for some of the more odd ingredients that I use.




Fermaid K -

Fermaid O -

GoFerm Protect -

Potassium Carbonate -


Wine Yeast -

Wyeast 1388 -

                      Note: I prefer this supplier because they ship with ice packs in the summer!


Fidnemed Tea -

Galangal -

Gesho –

Marshmallow Root –

Ginger –

Ginko –

Ginseng –

Green Schechuan Berries -

Heather -

Hyssop -

Oak -

Red Szechuan Berries -

Rose hips -

Sorrell (Jamaican Hibiscus) -

Tasmanian Pepperberry -

Beer Related

DME, LME, Specialty Grains and hops –


Acacia/Black Locust Wood -

Glycerin -


This list will never be complete; therefore, expect updates!


by denardb on Feb. 19, 2016, 4:36 p.m.